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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Advertising


Google Ads

Perfect for businesses that need extremely targeted traffic. We drive users to find your product or service with keywords, display ads or re-marketing strategies. If you sell online or need more customers/phone calls/emails & sales to your store front, Google is the king of search.


Facebook Advertising

Your brand needs to be where the people are and people are on Facebook. We deep dive and find the best audience for your business. The strategies and targeting options are endless. We don't deliver likes, we deliver leads, sales and foot traffic to your store front. Image & video content are king on Facebook.

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Instagram Advertising

Instagram is about images, videos and the story. It comes with its own unique strategies and targeting options. All of these help to build your brand awareness, and also deliver leads, sales and foot traffic to your store front. Not just for retail or products. Services get excellent returns.

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LinkedIn Advertising

The B2B juggernaut with over 500 million professional users. Boost your brand & networking reach with Linked In's unique set of targeting options. We can build a detailed strategy for your product or services.

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TikTok Advertising

TikTok offers some unique ad targeting features you won't find anywhere else. A cost effective way to grow brand awareness and increase your followers. We can target specific keywords/hashtags and audiences.


Media Buying & Planning

There are thousands of advertising networks out there. From native ads, RTB, PPC, display and contextual ad networks. We work with the best networks and manage the media buys for you. Go beyond the big platforms and find the hidden gems.

Already Running Campaigns?

Magno Metrics will happily provide a free audit of your current campaigns, whether it be on Google or social media. Get in touch with us to today to get started.

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